Pre School & School Shows – Learning through Laughter

Charlie SillyPants shows are the highlight of hundreds of pre-school/early learning centres and schools every year. His friendly nature, hilarious comedy and silly magic make an adventure to Magicland a laughter filled positive learning experience.

There is no better image than seeing a child laughing and Charlie SillyPants shows do just that, they make children happy! When children are happy, they become totally engaged and enthusiastic about the important message’s that are being taught.

Whilst every show excites with magic tricks, silly jokes, catchy music and unforgettable characters, it also educates. All Pre-School shows are structured around VEYLDF (Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework) outcomes and are designed to create an active interest through its themes post show.

Whether it is amazing social growth, enthusiastic interest in key topics or engagement not seen before, these are just many of the reasons why hundreds of pre-schools and schools keep having Charlie SillyPants coming back year on year.

All shows are written with funny and creative plots and explore the importance of…

  • Friendship, belonging, relationships, listening, sharing, resilience, self esteem, cooperation and Team work

and cover topics such as….

  • The Environment and Sustainability, Reading and Storytelling, People power who we are and what we can be (e.g professions) and our Community

The School shows are perfect for Children from Prep/Foundation to Grade 2.

All Performances Include:

  • All shows are structured around VEYLDF (Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework) outcomes and have PDF sheets to easily link towards. These outcomes can also translate to the Victorian Curriculum for schools.
  • PDF posters to promote the show and allow children to familiarise with the characters to build anticipation.
  • Pre-show colour in activity to create bowtie name tag.
  • Post show PDF activity sheets for children are provided to continue the fun and learning.
  • All shows have magic tricks, puppets, loads of props, music and dancing.
  • Colourful stage backdrop & PA system with music and sound effects
  • Photos encouraged for children’s portfolios and newsletters
  • No number limits
  • Working with childrens check and public liability insurance provided
  • ABN 66282211584

  • Working with Children Check

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • COVID Vaccinated


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Pre School/School Show Topics & Themes

The house that Charlie Sillypants built

Focusing on the environment, community & sustainability

Charlie Silly Pants has moved into a new house but there’s a problem, the house is very sad! The bins are all sick, the creatures have left the garden, the clouds above are grumpy and it’s not a happy place to be around. The only way that Charlie can make it better is to listen to the environment around him. Throughout the show Charlie and the children will help re-build the house and garden with their “magic” green thumbs and lots of laughter of course!

Super SillyPants – Superheroes and Super-friends

Focusing on what others do, who we are and what we can do and become

Charlie “Super-SillyPants” wants to become a “real” Superhero, but firstly he must find one to know what they do! The only problem is that “Trevor” the bald-headed baby keep’s crying! They will meet Fireperson “Hairy Fairy”, Doctor “Barbie”, “The Invisible Policeman” and even “Mumma SillyPants” as they go on their mission. Will they stop Trevor crying? Will they find a real Superhero? One thing is for sure we need some “AMAZING” Superpowers to do it!

Detective Charlie SillyPants – on the Hunt for the perfect friend

Focusing on friendship, relationships and resilience

Charlie SillyPants has been sent on a mission to Magicland to find the “PERFECT FRIEND”! He will need all his detective skills and lots of help from the audience as he searches for clues. With plenty of Magic and LOT’S of silliness, can Charlie Sillypants pass the mission? Will he find the “PERFECT FRIEND”?

The Book of SillyPants

Focusing on Imagination and creativity to encourage reading

When Charlie SillyPants opens the most AMAZING book in all of Magicland “The Book of SillyPants” there is a “HUGE” problem, the pages
are blank!!! The “Hairy Fairy” however has a great solution, the children can fix it! With creativity, imagination and lots of magic, Charlie SillyPants and the children will create their own story! Will there be dinosaurs? Fairies? Aliens? Flying chickawawa’s? What will fill the AMAZING “Book of SillyPants”???

A Very Silly Christmas

Focusing on friendship, sharing and teamwork

It’s Christmas Eve in Magicland and Mr Invisible has tricked Charlie SillyPants pretending to be Santa and is then placed on the naughty list! Can Charlie SillyPants and children show Mr Invisible how to be a good friend and get back on the nice list? One thing’s for sure there will lots of Magic and laughter as they go on the silliest adventure to the North Pole yet!

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Thank you for the extremely funny, thoroughly engaging and thoughtful shows you performed at our centre in the past weeks. Not only did it have the children laughing but more importantly they are still talking about it. All of your performances reflected the Early Years Learning Framework and were very educational. Every child participated in all facets of singing, dancing and acting and your ability to listen and respect their questions was impressive. I would highly recommend these shows to anyone in early learning.
Charlton Stone Centre Director, Goodstart Early Learning Aspendale Gardens
Our girls,their friends and all the kinder kids had an amazing time at Charlie’s performance at Taralye – the oral language centre for deaf children! Incredibly patient, kind and hilarious. Thankyou so much x
Laura Nguyen