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Charlie SillyPants is the silliest magician this side of “Magicland”! Come on the craziest adventure ever, as Charlie SillyPants, and his cheeky teddy bear Russ, use their magic to surf silly waves, dodge flying nappies and encounter silly characters like “Mr Invisible”. With lots of magic tricks, rocking music, and a lot of silliness, a Charlie SillyPants adventure will have kids laughing their nostrils off for weeks on end!

Episode 1

Charlie SillyPants is the funniest and silliest magician in “MAGICLAND”. If you like to laugh, do magic and be “SILLY” then this is the show for you. Charlie SillyPants takes you on an adventure to Magicland, as he tries to find his lost teddy tear Russell! Along the way there will be “Flying Nappies”, “Bald headed Babies” and even “Sweaty Daddy ARMPITS”, EEEEEWWWWWW!!!! Subscribe to the channel for more crazy fun.

Episode 2

There is a HUGE problem!!!!!! Charlie SillyPants friend, Trevor “The bald headed baby”, has had a spell put on him by the “HAIRY FAIRY”. Trevor now has huge “FLUFFY PUFFY” hair!!! Charlie SillyPants and his teddy Russell have to go to Magicland, find the HAIRY FAIRY and make Trevor bald again!!!! From crazy chicken nuggets to Elsa dress-ups, this is a SillyPants episode you don’t want to miss!

Episode 3

After waking up from a bad dream, Charlie and his Magic Teddy Russell go on adventure to “Invisible Mountain”. Charlie SillyPants is on a mission to get rid of his “Hairy Rainbow Armpits”, can he do it and who will he meet?

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